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Founder & Creative Director

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Executive Producer.

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Director of Photography.

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Camera Operator

Our Story.

Echt. is a London-based creative production company.

6 years ago George & his house mate were watching a Ted Talk by a frenchmen that looked like professor Quirrel.

He had conceptualised what the ideal party looked like using diagrams and fancy French words.

This got us thinking… how about if we run our own parties?

Here. Now.

So he nicked a road sign, wrote ECHT on it 

(Pronounced "ekt"; a dutch word that means real)

We shot a promo video with it, uploaded the video and created a Facebook event.

People were intrigued from the get go, and from an original group of 3 dutch men, he managed to get 40 people to the first event. People loved it. So he did another, and another, and soon he was running events for 800+ people.

He promoted them by shooting ridiculous videos.

Then George graduated & moved to London, registered ECHT as a company and started spreading the word in the capital.

This was a challenge, but he knew he had to make noise.

Echt. needed to be discovered. So he put a DJ in a bath, he windsurfed through London, he put a moving band on wheels and slowly but surely the numbers grew.

Through parties & creative marketing ECHT has become what it is today, a creative production company offering all sorts of services, or as we like to call it: An IDEATION BUREAU.

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